Thursday, June 28, 2012

Implementation of Page N of M in SSRS 2008 R2: Part I

We would need to list the employee salary in each page grouped by Department, this should follow the following criterias:
a.       After every department a page break should exists
b.      The footer should display Page N of M type of details in every page.
a.       N – Is the page number within the group
b.      M – Is the total Number of pages for that Group

Assuming we have 5 Pages of employee listing for the IT Department the Listing should show Page 1 of 5, Page 2 of 5 ..upto Page 5 of 5. If we have only 1 page for the HR department it should read Page 1 of 1.
1.  The following the Database Structure we are going to have and the query we are going to use.

2.       I am assuming that we have the necessary expertise in creating the dataset, going to the next step of adding a tablix to the report just by adding the necessary columns to the tablix except the department.

3.       Add department to the Row Group as shown in the figure below:

4.       Now select Dept_Description to the parent group as given here, make sure you have selected Add Group Header:

5.       We have completed the grouping of report data by Department, now your report will look like the following in the preview:

6.       We need to target our first requirement of breaking the page for each department, so select the Row group properties as given below:

7.       Select page breaks in the Group Properties window as given below:

8. Now if you see the report in Print Layout mode the report would have achieved the 1st requirement which we have outlined

We will see more about the next requirement in my next post.

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