Saturday, February 12, 2011

Setting our project objectives - II

In my previous blog we saw about the difference between goals and objectives and how they are significant. So the typical two areas in general people suggest about setting objectives are

We will see about SMART in this Blog:

S - Specific M- Measurable A-Achievable R - Realistic and T - Timebound

So any objectives we have must be specific and focussed. It needs to be well articulated and clear to the point. Otherwise we can use the term "well defined".  Probably  the the following questions would help in doing the same: "What", "Why","Who", "When","Where", "How".

If you are objectives are not measurable how you will determine that you have actually achieved that. An measurable objective will help you to tell whether you are in the right path because its measurable.

There could be resource constraints, time constraints and many constraints which may make your task unachievable, so before determining your objective you decide whether its achievable or not. There is no point in having an objective which is not at all achievable.

The objectives should be in context with your goals. Its cannot be maligned with the goals. Its critical that your objectives are falling in line with your expectations of your goals fulfillment.

Time bound:
Any objective should be time bound, if it is not probably you have would not make any significant impact on your goals.  Ensure your objective is having an deadline to achieve. If not achieve review the date, but having an objective without an specific deadline is dangerous.

In my next blog we will discuss about DISCO, even though they are very similar to SMART having an exposure to the same would give an alternate perspective.

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