Friday, February 11, 2011

Setting our project objectives - I

I think doing an project without project objectives is more or less like shooting at random.

How do we go ahead and set our project objectives:
Its always important for you to understand that in general project objectives are more an detailed statement in nature, and it directly helps to satisfies need or desire. Primarily its derived from the Goals which are more strategic nature.

Examples for goals: I want to buy an cycle, I want to implement ERP for my organization, I want to construct a Bridge over river for my people, I want migrate my COBOL app to Java App due to high maintenance cost.

These examples mentioned over are here can be more like desire because the "I" term being used. In general its a person intention/goals turns into project with acceptance of the concerned stakeholders. It turns out to be aspiration of the organisation further.To achieve the goals the objectives could be broken down to multiple parts
In the example of buying an Bi-Cycle, this goal can be derived with the following objectives a. Save Money/Budget Money b. Select and buy

Widely there are two methods being adopted for setting the right objective they are a) DISCO and b) SMART

We will see them in little more detail in my next Blog.

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