Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CMM Implementation challanges and benefits

Its quite long time since I wrote an blog, I recently came across CMM related stuff which is to be adopted to the project. I would like to share some of my thoughts here in that respects. Before I venture on to the challanges in this blog I would like to give the benefits which you would reap out of this implementation, please note that project can succeed with out these methods also. If you are very new to the CMM and looking to thing into perspective then probably this could help.

a. You would know your objectives clearly (Prefer to follow SMART)
b. Helps you to determine the critical success factors for your project
c. These critical sucess factors could be highly quantified with an specific time,cost and quality factors/metrics.
d. Helps you to identify the risks/issues and helps to proactively mitigate them provided you to proper reviews.
e. At any point of time during the project if you have an doubt whether you are in the right track see that each and every step you take in the project helps you in point a or point b.

a. To rigoursouly follow the documentation process needs time and efforts.
b. Determining the metrics to be followed would be difficult to benchmark if you dont have an history.
c. It cannot be merely an process it has to be incalculated with in your team members as culture.
d. Need to see the feasibility of applying the same in small projects, need to come up with minimal version of the same, probably could be an tailored one.
e. In the case different models practiced across organization, would pose an challange for the QAs to manage it.
f. Auditing is essential otherwise you'll never know whether you are on the right track even though you follow CMM.

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