Monday, March 3, 2008

Chennai OpenCoffee Club - Seamless Effort

Dear friends,

We all know each other some times we dont share our thoughts we might be of million dollar usage to you or your community. Chennai OpenCoffee Club is an very useful and wonderful forum where lot of entreprenuers join and share their thoughts on IT Ventures, troubles in opening new ones and sharing their thoughts. The Message conveyed by it can be said as its sounds as "A Place for the startup Eco System around chennai". Vibrant!!! Isn't?

Many VC's could be watching those who knows? Its a very good effort indeed by Siddharth..

Do become a member and share your thoughts...and lets make this city and India a prosporous one be encouraging and enabling upcoming entrepreneurs. Aware, its not only an online forum they do have personal meet arranged insite city at least once in a month.

Keep going young india. Visit for more information.


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