Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ERP: Psychological Factors

Why do organization restrain themselves to ERP. This blog discuss some of the internal psychological factors which makes organization restrain to going ahead with ERP

1. Change Management: Users accustomed to the existing legacy solution or systems have to get used to the change which tend to happen in an ERP Implementation
2. Training: The Users needs to be trained to the new system, time and effort required would be high
3. Control: The existing system might give ease of control for managing the mistakes effectively, imposing an ERP solution might put them on to control on data authorization, approval procedures
4. Accountability: When you implement an ERP the accountability of the data is made responsible to an person, which they might be fearing off
5. Perception on Failures: Their competitors and partners they work with might have told them about the problems in an ERP implementation which might given an negative perception about ERP Implementation

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