Saturday, June 30, 2012

Client Interaction key to success

In continuation to one of my blog on communication tips, I'm trying elaborate little to more on the aspects related to client interaction.

In our day to day to business activities irrespective of industry we tend to interact with the client or client representatives many many times. I'm just trying to put across some tips which might be useful for people who are new to client interactions.

Start the conversation by thanking him for providing his valuable time. This may not be necessary if you are meeting them often.

a. Listening what the customer says
Always listen to what the customer is trying to say, please don't run the process in back of your mind about what to respond, be patient and listen to what the customer's intent ? what is he trying to say? what are all the expectations? so on and so forth.

b. Notes very important
Make short notes of the important points you discuss with him, always try to have a pen and paper handy with you when you are meeting the customer, the customer might be giving inputs on his requirements, changes, concerns, issues while you interact. You need to take good note of that and deal it with care and communicate accordingly.

c. Make the right response
Always try to respond in patient manner, please don't commit something which you are not responsible for. Seek additional time when you are supposed to respond to such questions. You response needs to concise and precise. 

d. Summarize
Try to summarize the overall conversation you had with him to outline the action items on both the ends. That will help the customer to have a clarity that you tried to understand his requirements and very caring towards your views.

Last but not the least, if you don't have the time to summarize your understanding followup him with your email outlining your understanding on the meeting.

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