Friday, June 8, 2007

Lets make a new world for our Generations

An call for Awareness on Environmental Issues

As responsible persons who are educated and well equiped with IT Infrastructure and communication systems, we all forget the Nature. If this continues we all will leave our generation in great Trouble.

If you are still not aware of the climatic changes occuring in the world. Make sure you visit the few links which I have given here:

As an Inidividual how can I contribute ?

1. By Switching of your lights in your home (When not required only)
2. By using Energy Saving Lights
3. By utilizing Water Properly
4. By Growing Trees near by
5. By acting eco-friendly (Using Paperbags, Neglecting Platsics,etc.,)
6. By Spreading the message of Peace and Eco-Friendlyness across your friends

These are very few ideas you can do lot more to this world...

Lets make a new world for our Generations better than then one which was given to us.


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