Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Business Intelligence: An Insight into your Business Data
A Layman’s Perspective

Any Hardcore business person might have a fair opinion that all computers, software and technology are useful but they don’t contribute to the business. (Some might be exceptional about this!!)

We use of lot of Intelligence to search these kind of information’s Right. Just Kidding…

Importance Business Intelligence By example:
Lets assume Mr. Raj, CEO of an XYZ Company would like to travel from New Delhi, Capital of India to Colombo, Capital of Srilanka on 5th June 2007 for an official meeting. For him to make a decision how to go about this he might need the following resources:
What his plan on 5th June 2007 (His engagements, appointments, Personal Meetings etc.,)
Availability of Flights on that Day
Cost of the those available flights on that Day
Local commuting from office to Airport Time required

When a person would like to travel from One place to another for a business trip he needs data in terms of Time, Money, Business Propositions, etc., Why not big organizations think of having an Tool to analyze the data of a Day-to-Day business which can give them better insight to the business

Business Intelligence:
Business Intelligence is a tool one can use it to analyze various types of data to make good decisions.

Believe it or not
Microsoft Excel is being put in use or being used as one of the Analytics software. Let us see where and all the Business Intelligence would come into play. This is only a Limited listing of few areas or functional departments which can get used of Business Intelligence which can really help their analytics to make decisions:
Supplier grading based on commitment on Deliveries
Which supplier has given good credit terms
Which supplier has got less return of goods
Region wise sales
Sales by sales person
Sales done during the Season
Customer wise Sales Analysis

The above given are only example to understand about business Intelligence usage in day to day Business Environment. We will see more about the various aspects of it in the upcoming blogs.

Can you answer few questions as a Business decision maker?
Are you spending too much time helping your end-users download data to Windows?
Do staffs have to re-key numbers from printed reports into Excel spreadsheets?
Do managers want to be able to run reports right from Windows icons on their desk, with run-time prompts built right in?
Does your end-user want better ways to present reports graphically with drill-down capabilities and drag-and-drop formatting?


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