Monday, January 15, 2007

En Iniya Tamizha...

Iniya Tamizhar Thirunal Vazhthukkal.

"Pongaloo Pongal!!! Pongaloo Pongal!!!"

I remember those days(1994-95) when I heard these sound across my home early in the morning around 6.00 AM. New Pots with Firewoods in new Mud Stove, Hens running arround, Dogs standing along with us shaking their little tail!! Those New pots will be tied around with "Manjal Kotthu" (Sorry for Poor English). My Family people used to put Kolam right from the Night.

When I was in tirupattur (Ramanathapuram district) I used to see many people getting injured becoz of manjuvirattu (Snatching the Prize money from Sharp Combed Bulls). I had also seen one Game called "Rekhla Race"(Race between Bullock carts) which are mind boggling. I'm really unaware whether these games still exists are not.!!

Just about 10 years further, Times has changed a lot, now Gas stove is used for preparation of pongal with in minutes, except new dress nothing has changed. Its very surprising that many people doesn't realize that we are all missing those wonderful days. And when people realises that its too late. Atleast some TV channels reminding about those tradiational games like "Jallikattu" with no viewers, is the pitty.

Lets pray god and the Nature to remind us about our tradition and culture to make the Human Being realize that Nature is always bigger than Anybody.

Infact, I'm writing this Blog with out celebrating the pongal at my Home. I dont know how many houses are quarelling "Pongaloo Pongal!!! Pongaloo Pongal!!!" today ? ?

Hope time changes and give back us the feel of the age-old Tradition, Love and Culture to us.

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hi good work man. write more