Thursday, January 11, 2007

Project Management @ Customer Site - Part II

Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish."
- Jean De La Fontaine

Continuing the yesterday's blog on Project Management @ Customer site.

Before continuing further you must understand that you are not consulting the client or customer as a person, rather you are representing an Organisation and always the organisation is behind there to support you.

"Understand that You are not on your individual capactiy and you are representing your organisation."

4. Communication
Clearly understand the communication channel and escalation levels. Use all modes of communication such as Direct Interaction, Telephonic Conversation, Emails, Meetings, Discussions etc., Try to interact with End Users and ask them their problems so that they will be free to share their knowledge base and don't commit or expose the product during these discussion. Make sure you complete the informal discussion with a nice note in an friendly manner. When End Users are not-cooperating due to their other works or busy schedule try to re-prioritise your activity to their needs at times to show that you are flexible enough and support their needs. (Make sure you dont do it regularly).

Whenever there is a need for escalation do the escalation to the higher ups. Dont escalate for small issues.

5. Politics
Unlike our government politics dont get too much into it. But its good if you can understand the politics of the organisation to get the work done. It would help you understand people very much. (After all Implementation is about selling our product with post sales support)

6. OffSite Co-Ordination
When ever you communicate a problem to the offsite, be very clear and define the problem with examples becoz offsite people doesn't know the scenario underwhich you have faced the problem.

Do prioritize your requirements to the offsite team so that they can work on your priorities. Do Keep an excel sheet fo r this activity which would be very handy. (Dont forget to add an remark column which emphasises the reason for priority). Dont expose any offsite members to the customer, which will enable the customer to lose confidence on you and rather create problems at the off site.

7. Professional Ethics

Try to be polite during your discussion. Dont use unparlimentary words even offline with the End users or any person in the client. Do follow the dress code of your organisation. Do follow the Customer Shift Timings and be punctual. Dont misuse the client resources such as Phone, Papers, Internet, etc., Do take permission on using the necessary resources if required.


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