Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go Green with ERPs

ERPs generally help you to improve the process. How can an ERP system can make your organization eco-friendly.

1. Going with workflows
Workflows in an ERP system can help you reduce the process flow of documents between people to people as paper documents; This also increases the visibility of the process across the organization

2. Alerts Mechanisms
In traditional usage of office applications people tend to take printouts of huge statistical data and act upon the critical areas. ERP systems will help or assists you with setting upon alert mechanism may be its inventory, increase of credit limits, excess budgets, etc.,

3. Passing of information through Emails
ERP systems alows you to send critical documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Production orders to be reviewed and ammended online. These documents can also be sent to the respective people via emails.

4. Review meetings
No need for people to take printouts of their analytical areas instead they can share the ERP data screens through video conferencing, remote desktop access by sharing their data and discuss among peers.

These ways ERP can assist you in reducing your Travel, Printing of paper, Spending of money in Logistics, etc.,

This may seem to be an cumbersome excersice even for the companies which have already implemented ERPs but belive you can do a lot of good thing to the future generation and the organization, by implementing step by step at least any one of this and follow it rigorously.

Be the change you want to be - Mahatma Gandhi.



Chellaiah said...
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Chellaiah said...

Siva, lovely news... and this green flag are screening up only by IT guys and the IT firm. Apparently now a days there are a lot of IT firms with good ERP systems with integrated Workflow, alert mechanism [as you mentioned] and there are lot more to benefit from . But LONG AGO [1995 to 2003 major] there were lot of disappointments occurred in terms of ERP implementation which forced the IT firms to improve and expand their systems in the market. And now, the implementation methodology has also been enhanced (repeatedly the implementation process and the system itelf is being improved dramatically) . Coming to the Indian market, mainly companies are not able to understand or justify the benefits of the ERP due to their mental block from their past experience.