Friday, May 14, 2010

WPF-Domain Driven Development

Many new developers would be confused while developing the new line of business applications. Even the developers who are familliar with the development days of Visual Basic 6.0 found it easy to migrate Visual Studio 2005 and form based development.

These years lot of focus is being given to the domain driven development which is largely driven by the Java development methodologies.

There has been various architectures and patterns being discussed and put into use in the day to day development of Enterprise Applications.

Some of the options which are explored and developed are the following:
a. Microsoft Enterprise Library
b. Development based on ORM - Use of NHibernate/Castle Active Record
c. MVC (Model View Controller)
d. MVVM (Model View View Model)
e. Entity Framework
f. Using WCF
g. Using Linq-to-SQL

Out the above said methodologies Entity Framework is in its nacent stage of usage. Sure, its going to get going based on the receptiveness based on ADO methodology.

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